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3D Body Scan to 3D Body Size


BEAWEAR is a SaaS Solution.

The prices are dependend of the number of brands, size charts and shop systems, starting from 99€ / net per month.

Ask for a quotation.

How it works:

For Consumers:

Consumers quickly and easily scan exact body measurements to determine the right clothing size in connected online-shops. They create a so called digital twin. Anyone can scan their body directly and quickly from any product page with their smartphone, tablet or laptop and then receive their personal, exact size recommendation. 

They own their data and can use their avatar for virtual try-ons on all connected platforms while simultaneously enjoying a gamified and VR-enhanced “phygital” shopping experience.

For Online Stores:

BEAWEAR offers an add-on for existing online shops that can be integrated with just a few lines of code. On product detail page of the shop, an additional button appears, which can be called "Find my size", for example, and is located right next to the size selection. The solution is a white label, i.e. it seamlessly adapts to the design of the shop. Another key aspect of the technology is ease of use, as there is no need to download an app or change or even undress. After the user has entered basic information such as his size and gender, a short smartphone video in which he rotates once around himself is recorded. Finally, he sees a size recommendation for the desired item.

For Brands and Manufacturers:

Quick and easy to integrate plug-and-play API interface, for size recommendation or virtual fitting, which can be integrated into any merchandise or store system. With BEAWEAR brands evolutionize their fitting process to determine the right clothing size of their customers based on shop or brand specific size tables.  

Our recommendations based on real body data allow producers to adjust their sewing patterns and size charts according to their customers bodies. 

  • Produce better fitting clothes

  • Less time to market

  • Production on demand

  • Minimize overproduction

From 3D body scan to 3D body size, one process - 3 solutions.

BEAWEAR patented 3D body scanning solution for mobile devices captures the most complete and accurate body measurements and creates a 3D avatar that accurately describes the proportions, shape and dimensions of the individual body. Based on this, we offer three solutions that build on each other. 

Based on the 3D body scan, we offer a physical fit check in the form of size recommendations for online stores and brick-and-mortar retail, easily integrated as a plug-and-play API interface. Furthermore, we offer a visual fit check in the form of a virtual try-on to create a magical online shopping experience. Finally, we offer our globally unique, patented software technology that uses a 3d body scan to offer customized patterns for local, on-demand production or small batch production made to order, for new decentralized production processes.


With a dashboard view of all purchases on their site, shop owners are able to stay on top of all major metrics and monitor usage in real time.


Companies can upload their size charts, CAD data, and fitting models via the retailer dashboard. They have all the key metrics at a glance, including:

  • 3D scans/users

  • Conversion rates

  • Returns

  • Cross-selling KPIs

  • CO2 climate footprint

Implementation process:

From plug-and-play API solutions to custom system integration, we bring 3D scanning to your store in 4 steps:


1. Kick-off

At the beginning we clarify the technical contacts, communication channels and requirements (store system, any special features). You receive the BEAWEAR documentation and send us your size charts, CAD data and/or fitting models.

2. Create interface

The individual interface is set up and developed. - Depending on the solution, agreement and use case either by your own programmers or by BEAWEAR.

3. Testing and staging
We maintain your size tables, CAD data and/or fitting models, perform tests, give status updates and provide you with test data.

We then test together on BEAWEAR's staging environment and define the final status.

BEAWEAR is successfully integrated into your store system and can now be used by your customers/consultants.


BEAWEAR can be easily integrated into any standard store system and, of course, into any individual solution.

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3d body scan to body size

Deep Tech:

Our patented 3D body scanning solution for mobile devices capture the most complete and accurate set of body measurements, generating a 3D avatar that exactly describes the proportions, shape, and measurements of individual bodies.

With over 90K scans in our database we are able to deliver valuable analytics, statistics and insights and recommendations based on ai-powered algorithms and deep tech.

Our proprietary IT approach combines 3D, 4D, AI and classic data bank architecture and aligns it with expertise in apparel manufacturing. We hold a patent for 3D/4D based pattern development.

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