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3D Body Scan to 3D Body Size


BEAWEAR supports the e-commerce industry by providing a more personalized shopping experience for customers. BEAWEAR technology can allow customers to virtually try on clothes, visualize how they would look in the garments, and determine fit without ever having to leave their homes. By providing customers with a more accurate way to shop, e-commerce stores can reduce returns and increase customer satisfaction. Moreover, e-shop providers are able to make better informed decisions, resulting in more revenue and more loyal customers.


With BEAWEAR, fashion brands and retailers can ensure that their customers make the right size and style decisions when it comes to purchasing apparel. BEAWEAR technology provdies valuable insights into customer preferences, as well as data about customer sizing and fit, which can be used to improve product design and sizing.


BEAWEAR technology can be used by manufacturers of functional and work wear to ensure that their garments fit properly and are comfortable for a wide range of body types. With BEAWEAR, manufacturers can improve the wearing experience and reduce the risk of injury due to ill-fitting or uncomfortable clothing.

Let's transform togheter the clothing industry -
it's a win win case for anyone:
+ your customers
+ your company
+ our planet

The Advanced Solution for Fashion and Clothing Market

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