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3D Body Scan to 3D Body Size

Evolutionizing the clothing industry with human centred deep tech.

BEAWEAR is a pioneering B2B SAAS fashion-tech solution for apparel brands. We use data and digital connectivity to eliminate the problem of incorrect fit and drastically reduce online returns, costs, and waste.

We are a collective of open-minded technologists, designers, marketers, and strategic thinkers united in our vision to create the most phygital and magical shopping experience that challenges the current model of mass production, standardized sizing, and body exclusion.


We have
    a Mission

Our mission is to create a fashion supply chain that uses data and AI to break the cycle of overproduction and to provide an outstanding shopping experience that empowers consumers with their own body data.

We intend to solve fashion’s data problem by matching consumers with items of clothing they’ll love.

Our aim is to solve the problem of fit in apparel with artificial intelligence. By “fit” we mean:

  • the physical match between an individual and their unique body shape

  • the psychological match between an individual and their personal style

  • the digital match between a human body and their digital twin

We want to digitally transform the online shopping experience by empowering a more body-inclusive, circular, and sustainable fashion system. A digital supply chain that uses data and AI to break the standardised confection sizes and overproduction cycle by providing a memorable and magical shopping experience. We want to empower customers with their own body data that matches conscious consumers to body-relevant clothing and style inspiration.


​Verena Ziegler

Verena Ziegler

CEO & Founder

​Volker Seitz

Volker Seitz


​Verena Benz

Verena Benz


​Mohammad Taghadosi

Mohammad Taghadosi

Dev. Ops

Start-Up Mind

                and Spirit

​Felix Hinderer

Felix Hinderer

AI Specialist

​Timon Kilian

Timon Kilian

Solution Developer

​Klaus Kestel

Klaus Kestel

Front End and Back End Dev.

​Timon Kilian

Kuldeep Bundela

Front End Developer


​Sagar Bhave

Sagar Bhave

Front End Developer

​Santos Kiran Selvan

Santos Kiran Selvan

Back End Developer

​Karthik Nagaraj

Karthik Nagaraj

AI Specialist

​Ahmed Souari

Ahmed Souari

AI Specialist

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Leonard Schwob

Leonard Schwob

Psychology and user studies

Anh Hoang


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